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Business Economics

Economists bridge the gap between what’s in the books and what moves the needle, like how much a product costs or where to expand. As a Business Economics major, you’ll gain expertise in two distinct business functions, all within a single undergraduate degree. You’ll start by studying economic theories so you understand what drives business decisions. Then, you’ll pair that knowledge with coursework in a non-financial discipline.

You can choose from eight different concentrations within the degree to learn how theoretical studies apply across business functions such as economic analysis, entrepreneurship, information technology, international business, law, management, marketing or a custom concentration.

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The Business Economics major consists of core economics courses and a business concentration. The core and elective economics courses provide students with a deep understanding of how markets operate at the micro and macro levels, and introduce different areas of study within economics. Then, you'll choose one of eight concentrations based on your interests and career goals: economic analysis, entrepreneurship, information technology, international business, law, management, marketing or a custom concentration. If you're interested in a traditional economics education, the economic analysis concentration may be a good fit for you. 

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The Economics of Sports (EC 375)

Students develop a detailed economic understanding of the professional and amateur sports industry. Relying on economic principles and well-developed economic models, the class analyzes a variety of current-day issues facing the sports industry. Topics include competitive balance issues, such as revenue sharing, salary caps, and luxury taxes; the government's role in the sports industry; and player issues, such as racial and wage discrimination, free agency and superstar effects.


Creativity, communication and leadership help Neyheymee Mondiere ’23 build a career

The Business Economics major, senior adviser of Black United Body (BUB), modeling director of the popular BUB fashion show and captain of intramural volleyball. Even with all these on-campus activities, she’s found time to complete internships at EY and Mineral Tree — and pursue a successful modeling career. Here, she shares insights into her life at Bentley and beyond — leading teams, consulting with clients and walking the runway at New York Fashion Week. 

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Neyheymee Mondiere
I took courses in the principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics and felt challenged in a good way. I wanted to learn more about these theories and economic models.
Neyheymee Mondiere

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