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Policy on the Use of Drones and UAVs on Campus

The operation of a drone or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) over Bentley property is prohibited in the absence of approval by the Bentley University Chief of Police. In order to obtain approval for the operation of a drone or UAV over Bentley property the operator must file application with the Chief of Police at least 48 hours prior to the planned operation. The application forms may be obtained at the Police Department.

The operator must include on the form the following information:

  1. Date, time and location of the operation
  2. Purpose of the operation
  3. Equipment to be used
  4. Identity and contact information for the operator
  5. Data to be collected

The proposed operation must not pose an unacceptable threat to safety, privacy or the environment. Approval, once given, may be rescinded if it is determined that the information provided is incorrect or incomplete or if circumstances have changed and a determination is made that the planned operation is not in the community’s best interest. Bentley University also reserves the right to immediately order the cessation of any operation which is deemed to create a hazard or interference with any campus equipment or activity.