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Grant Guidelines

2017-2018 Guidelines:

Dean's Fund For International Travel (DIF):

Funding is available to support faculty international travel for delivering a conference paper, making a presentation, engaging in an international team research project, developing a course in which international travel is an embedded component, and developing an international short-term program course: DIF Grant Guidelines for 2017-2018.

Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC):

Funding is available to support faculty for various activities, see guidelines for more details: FAC Grant Application 2017-2018

Research Expense Funding:

Funding is available to support expenses related to conducting specific research projects, see guidelines for more details: Microsoft Office document icon Research Expense Pool Guidelines 2017-2018.doc

Seed Funding for External Grants Procedure:

Funding is available to support the on-going efforts of individual faculty and groups (particularly cross-disciplinary groups) applying for external grant money from government agencies, foundations, or the private sector, see guidelines for more details: File Seed Money for External Grants 2017-2018.docx.

Teaching and Scholarly Activities Committee (TSAC):

The Teaching and Scholarly Activities Committee makes either final decisions or recommendations regarding four awards and grants that are annually given to Bentley faculty members. These are Awards for Innovation in Teaching, Gregory H. Adamian Awards for Teaching Excellence, Award for Excellence in Scholarship, and Outstanding Scholarly Contribution Awards.

Details of these various awards and grants are described in documents here.

The current chair of the TSAC is Jeffrey Livingston (Economics, ext. 2538).

Summer Grant

All full-time faculty members are eligible to apply for a summer grant.

Details of this grant can be found in the document File Summer Grant Applications 2018.docx.

Questions should be directed to Vicki LaFarge or Jalila El-Jadidi.