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International Student Resources

International students make up a very important part of the diverse fabric of the Bentley University's McCallum Graduate School of Business. The transition to graduate study in another country presents unique challenges and opportunities for learning. At Bentley, there is a network of professional staff available to assist in the adjustment to a new academic and personal environment.

These programs/services are available for international graduate students at Bentley University: orientation programs, transitional courses, and language support services:

Academic Edge E-Program

International Student Tutorials & Workshops

Orientation Programs
These are designed to help students manage expectations while at an American graduate business school. Students are required to check in at the Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS) and attend workshops related to immigration compliance, acculturation and key services for International Students. 

Center for International Students and Scholars
The Center for International Students and Scholars team helps international students obtain the proper paperwork needed to study, conduct research and work in the United States. Their office assists with visa related issues and immigration documents and offers cultural adjustment and intercultural programs.

Academic Edge Program*
A series of online flexible assignments targeted specifically to help our international grads practice their English skills during the spring and summer months. Academic Edge is neither a class nor an intensive session, but is a great starting point for English practice.

Language Support Services
We offer one-on-one services to students throughout the year.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Center/Graduate Tutorials
We provide English language support in writing, reading and speaking in courses across the curriculum. To both graduate and undergraduate students. Students work on oral and written assignments that are tailored specifically to their needs. Students can also improve pronunciation and work on accent reduction through tutorials combined with state of the art language technology in the CLIC lab.

Connections Beyond Borders

Connections Beyond Borders connects international students with students, staff and faculty who are from the US. The pairs meet regularly for conversation or to attend University programs and events.

Distance Learning: On-Line Course Policy

Academic Edge E-Program

The Fall/Spring Academic Edge Program is a program designed to improve your English language skills. You and Prof. Mary Wright will design a plan together that best meets your needs. Just email Mary Wright at to set up an appointment.

Strategies for Academic Success for International Graduate Students

  • We encourage international students to take advantage of this program to increase academic skills in advanced English while improving writing, speaking, listening and pronunciation. Confidence levels in using spoken and written English will be greatly strengthened! There are two available formats, one on one tutorials and group workshops.


  • Students in the Academic Edge Fall/Spring Program in advanced level English preparation will read and prepare business cases and then write a business case analysis. You will be able to converse and discuss program topics and assignments with other new international graduate students. In addition, the best ways to document resources using the popular MLA, APA and Chicago Styles of documentation will be covered. Students in this program will take notes while listening to real lectures and real life radio shows and will take practice tests to assess performance.


International graduate students can receive ongoing academic support just for international graduate students fall/spring and summers. If you intend to enroll in this program, please send an email to Professor Mary Wright at stating your intention to participate. There is no cost to this program, it is part of the academic support services offered by the McCallum Graduate School of Business. 

International Student Tutorials & Workshops


International graduate tutorials are one-on one-tutorials available 15 hours a week during the fall and spring semester and 10 hours a week during the summer terms.

During tutorials, you can:

  • Receive feedback on your papers due for class
  • Practice your business English by speaking and listening to high level business oriented materials
  • Practice a presentation for one of your classes
  • Develop your executive-level business vocabulary
  • Practice your English pronunciation using targeted pronunciation materials designed for your native language speaking errors. Use several intensive pronunciation materials available.
  • If you have a teaching assistantship, you may ask for an observation-feedback session with Professor Mary Wright

Tutorials take place in the Adamian Academic Center, Room 095 on the lower level. To make an appointment, contact Mary Wright at or 781.891.2055. You should also contact her to arrange a session if you wish to come in a small group for small group discussions.

International graduates may also seek tutorials with the ESOL Center, on the Library lower level when graduate tutorials are booked.


International Graduate Academic Workshops to be held Fall/Spring semesters. An email will be sent out during the 2nd week of classes to sign-up.

International Graduate Academic Workshops

Tuesdays  -   Rooms TBA

Documenting Resources using APA, MLA & Citing Accounting Code Properly

English Pronunciation for Chinese Speakers

(Other language groups email Mary Wright for 1 on 1 appointment.)

Business Case Discussion/Negotiation/Case Writing

How to set up a study of advanced level business vocabulary & idioms

Practicing Presentations in a classroom setting

Feedback & follow up sessions in AAC 095

Signing up for small group discussions of business & other topics in AAC 095

Academic Excellence Workshops

Additionally, you are welcome to attend weekly Academic Excellence workshops that primarily focus on intensive speaking skills. International graduate students read short cases and negotiate them on teams. You will receive feedback on your speaking and pronunciation skills. We also cover résumé and cover-letter writing, communication skills as well as other advanced level writing and speaking skills in these workshops.

Email to sign up for the workshops.