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Study Abroad Peer Advisors

Contact these students to find out more about their study abroad experiences!

Our Peer Advisor Coordinator has been selected to coordinate any volunteers and create programming for our Peer Advisors. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them. Our selected PA Coordinator for 2018-2019 is Sarah Barsch

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ChinaAlliance in Shanghai
HungaryCorvinus University
ItalyLorenzo de'Medici
NetherlandsLeiden University


Universidad de Navarra

Universidad Pontificia Comillas













Alliance Shanghai, China

Benjamin Handler, 2019


Studied at: Alliance in Shanghai, Fall 2017

Major/Minor: Managerial Economics/ Chinese

Why Bentley students should study abroad?

Study abroad opens up your mind and your heart.  It chops away at some of the ignorance and biases that you may have (and don't even know that you have).  You see, along with hear, smell, taste and touch things that you did not even know existed.  Bentley students will meet different people in all walks of life and hear their stories.  Combine the cultural experience with the international business education from the host university, and you get not only a better Bentley student coming back to campus, but you get a more knowledgeable person in the workforce and in society. Back to Top 

Corvinus University, Hungary

Lauren Davis, 2019


Studied at: Corivinus University, Fall 2017

Major/Minor: Managerial Economics

#1 piece of advice for students studying abroad:

Go into it without any expectations and don't compare their experience with anyone else's.  Each student will have their own unique experience abroad and if they go in with expectations of how it will go it will most likely be different from what they thought and that is where some disappointment and heartache may lie.  I think that it is best to go into it with an open mind and remember to take things as they come. Back to Top 

Lorenzo de'Medici, Italy

Frank Leotta, 2019


Studied at: LDM, Fall 2017

Major/Minor: Economics & Finance/ Psychology

What was a typical day in the life while studying abroad? 

A typical day started early, around 7:00am when I would wake up, shower and head out the door for the equally famous and delicious News Cafe.  The barista, Marco, would give me my cappuccino and cornetto and we'd talk about the news of the day while I'd play with his dog, Gordon.  From here, it was off to Italian class where I'd learn new vocabulary to practice at lunch in the Mercato Centrale with my LdM friends.  At around 1pm we would all walk past Il Duomo di San Lorenzo to Via Faenza where we would then have class.  After a few hours of class it was back to my apartment where I would try to make a classic Italian dish and do some homework, before heading to bed to start again. Back to Top 

Leiden University, Netherlands

Eliza Wilczek, 2019


Studied at: Leiden University, Fall 2017

Major: Global Studies


What was a typical day in the life while studying abroad?
A typical day in the Netherlands always started with a bike ride along the canal.  I was rarely alone, usually with other international students and at least one Dutch student.  Leiden is a fairly rigorous program so almost every weekday I would attend class and get lunch at the student building.  On the weekends, for the first half of my program I stayed in Leiden and tried to immerse myself in Dutch culture, learning how to cook, speaking the language, ride with someone on the back of my bike.  During the second half, I spent the weekends traveling around Europe visiting my friend's hometowns and meeting up with other Bentley students. Back to Top 

ESADE, Spain

Elizabeth Moschella, 2019


Studied at: ESADE, Fall 2017

Major/Minor: Accounting/ Spanish


What do you wish you had done differently?
I wish I had spent more time alone.  I lived with a host family and made incredible best friends and even saw old friends, but I wish I spent more time alone reflecting on myself and my experience.  I wish that I walked down the cobblestone streets alone, listening to or maybe even using the Catalonian language.  I feel as though with more alone time I could have grown even more as an individual and maybe could have even learned more than I did about the city itself or the language or the culture. Back to Top 

Universidad de Navarra, Spain

Sarah Barsch, 2019


Studied at: Universidad de Navarra, Spring 2017

Major/Minor: Marketing, LSM MAS/ IDCC

What do you wish you had done differently?

I wish that I spent more time getting to know the full-time students at the university.  In my final few weeks, I grew extremely close to a few full-time students who I learned so much from.  As an exchange student, I felt the need to surround myself to other exchange students like me because they were also traveling and exploring cities, but leaving that bubble and interacting with local students changed a lot my views of the city in the last few weeks and showed me an entire new side of Pamplona I would have never knew existed. Back to Top 

Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain

Dea Markovic, 2019

Studied at: Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spring 2017

Major: Management
Why Bentley students should study abroad?

Going abroad makes students gain so much, it's an opportunity no one should miss. It can be scary, yes, and no one said it will be easy, but that's part of the deal too. It means getting out of one's comfort zone, putting oneself in an unfamiliar country and culture, learning and doing new things, exploring. Along this process comes personal growth and enrichment, perspective and a more open mentality, all positive and useful qualities for the future, both personally and professionally. Back to Top