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Undergraduate Fees and Billing

Semester Program Fees
Summer Program Fees
Faculty-Led International Course Fees
Paying the Student Account Balance
Student Financial Services FAQs
Undergraduate Financial Aid and Scholarships

Semester Program Fees

A breakdown of program specific costs can be found on the individual program pages on Bentley Abroad. Semester program fees vary from program to program. The following chart compares the median cost of one semester studying abroad to the median cost of one semester of study at Bentley. Bentley approved study abroad programs follow the Bentley home school tuition policy. The tuition of the host institution abroad may differ from Bentley tuition. All fees are subject to change without notice.


One Semester at Bentley One Semester Abroad: *Estimate*
Bentley Tuition $24,090 $24,090⁺
Housing $5,390* $3,500**
Meals $3,140* $1,120**
Books $630 $100**
Technology Fee $655 $655
Student Activities Fee $195 $0


$0 $1,200**
International Education Fee $0 $500
Student Visa $0 $250**
Health Insurance Bentley plan / Family plan Bentley plan / Family plan
CISI International Insurance $0 $175
U.S. Passport $0 $135


$34,100 $31,625

⁺ Price reflects 2018-2019 Tuition & Fees

* May vary
** Items are subject to change based on host country and study abroad program.

Your student account will be billed the following:

  • Bentley tuition and technology fee
  • Study Abroad Administrative Fee
  • Program specific fees, such as housing, if applicable
  • CISI International travel insurance (waived if similar insurance is included in program specific fees)

Summer Program Fees

Costs for Summer Programs can be found on their individual program pages.

Your student account will be billed the following:

  • Summer program fee which includes tuition and housing
  • Study Abroad Administrative Fee
  • CISI International travel insurance (waived if similar insurance is included in program specific fees)

Faculty-Led International Course Fees

Costs vary by course type; please see the course budget sheet for individual course fees. Intensive courses, including winter session and summer courses, include tuition in the advertised price. Spring Embedded courses are charged as part of the regular semester tuition and the costs listed are additional travel related costs.

Your student account will be billed the following:

  • Faculty-led international course fee that includes tuition, airport transfers, lodging in reasonable accommodations, and international travel insurance
  • Airfare (group travel is required on these courses)
  • Faculty-led international course Administrative Fee

The costs of a faculty-led international course are not included in the determination of Bentley need-based or merit-based aid.  However, it may be possible to obtain loans for these costs.  Please visit the Office of Financial Assistance and speak with a financial aid counselor to discuss these options.
What is included in the Administrative Fee?
As part of your study abroad program, your student account will be charged a $750 administrative fee for summer programs, $500 fee for semester programs, and a $125 administrative fee for faculty-led international courses and non-Bentley programs. This fee covers the administrative expenses of offering students the opportunity to participate in a Bentley Study Abroad program while still meeting the academic credit requirements of Bentley.  Every student receives services covered by the fee, such as advising on study abroad options, using office resources, assistance with program application procedures, advising on your host institution and country, faculty review of courses, pre-departure resource tools, pre-departure orientation, transcript processing, etc.

Why does my student pay Bentley tuition during their semester abroad?

The home school tuition policy for Bentley-sponsored study abroad programs allows Bentley students to earn Bentley credits, instead of transfer credits, for academic work overseas. This results in greater flexibility in fulfilling Bentley requirements abroad. The home school tuition policy also allows Bentley students to maintain their full financial assistance package to fund a semester abroad, ensuring that students of varying need levels can take advantage of educational opportunities overseas.

Paying the Student Account Balance

Semester Programs

The enrollment deposit you paid will be applied to your student account balance. An e-bill notification will be generated by the Office of Student Financial Services approximately 45-60 days prior to your departure. All students are required to resolve their student account balance 30 days prior to departure. This includes completing all loan requirements and waiving or enrolling in the Bentley health insurance. Students studying abroad for the fall and spring semesters are eligible to sign up for the five month payment plan. If you will be receiving loan funds or outside scholarship funds via paper check(s), you must complete a Power of Attorney so that those payments and checks can be processed in a timely manner. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 781.891.2162 if you have any billing or payment questions.

Summer Programs and Faculty-led International Courses

The balances for summer programs and faculty-led international courses are due upon receipt of the invoice. Financial Aid and payment plans do not apply to these programs.

Student Financial Services FAQs

When is my bill due?

Typically, the balance due from your Education Abroad program is due 30 days prior to departing. But, if the departure date is after the regular due date for the semester you would be required to settle the balance by that due date. We make every effort to e-mail a bill 60 days prior to departing.

Why do I have to pay the technology fee?

The Technology fee is a mandatory fee for all students regardless if you are studying abroad. The fee covers software licenses, the use of the Bentley network, labs, training facilities as well as the leased laptop computer (if applicable).

For other questions about payment options, wire transfers, and monthly payment plans, please visit Student Financial Services' website.