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Creative Industries Degree Faculty

Simon Moore, Associate Professor, and Wiley Davi, Associate Professor & Department Chair, English & Media Studies

What's Creative Industries all about?

It's about one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy, involving the creation of creative content on a host of platforms, from multimedia entertainment to game design to entertainment PR.

It's been identified in the US, in Massachusetts and in the UK and even by the United Nations as one of the most dynamic areas of the economy. Why? Because technology like social media is creating new demands for entertainment and creative content design by businesses in that sector — and other organizations.

What are the courses in a Communications major like?

Simon teaches courses in public relations, and Wiley teaches in critical thinking. The courses are a blend of design, media production, public relations, content development, social media creation and cultural understanding. Most of all, the major offers a blend of hands-on, strategic and theory courses designed to maximize creativity, understand the business of creative industries, and also the culture which those industries needs to engage in order to succeed.

What's the teaching style?

Attractive, project focused, small groups, high-touch. We guess that just about sums it up. Without that approach there's no creativity. We need to connect the creative industries sector to the target audiences, and we need to understand business. Bentley students are well-positioned to do both of those. It's an exciting time to be in this field, thanks to the information revolution creating new demand for new entertainment content.

What advice would you offer a new Bentley student?

To understand that the new economy being created for the next generation won't follow all the rules of the old one. We need the passion to imagine, and we also need to understand how business engages more fully and richly with its audiences than ever before. This is why the creative sector is expanding so rapidly.