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Undergraduate Curriculum

Right from the start, your Bentley education will expose you to a variety of required courses in both business and the arts and sciences.

This approach provides you with a well-rounded foundation of important skills. You’ll learn about management and morality, accounting and art, religion and real estate, technology and trust — all reinforced by a strong business core.

General Business Core

Laying the foundation is the General Business (GB) Core, a series of required courses that give you rock-solid skills in key business disciplines like accounting, finance, management, marketing and operations. If you’re undecided on your major, it’s a great way to test out new fields before making your final decision during your sophomore year. And if you already know what you want to study, the broad skills you’ll gain in the GB Core will make you a better, more successful professional.


Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
Tools and Concepts in Accounting and Finance
Practice and Applications in Accounting and Finance
Business Statistics
Marketing-Operations Fundamentals
Human Behavior and Organizations
Business Processes and Systems
Integrated Business Project
Global Strategy

General Education Core

Approximately half the classes you take here will be in the arts and sciences. The GE curriculum also includes the First-Year Seminar, a one-credit course designed to help you become acclimated to college academics and life at Bentley.


First-Year Seminar
Information Technology
Expository Writing I and II
Mathematical Sciences I and II
Natural Sciences
Behavioral Sciences
Mathematics/Natural Sciences elective
Humanities/Social Science elective