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Economics–Finance Degree

Economics and finance are two fields with a very close relationship.

Through the study of economics, you’ll learn about how organizations allocate and use finite resources like money, time and labor. Finance takes this knowledge to the next step, exploring how an organization’s money is managed.

Our Economics–Finance Degree

By unifying these two fields into a single major, our Economics-Finance degree offers you a unique option when compared to similar programs at other schools. In this program, you’ll master economic and financial theory, and then test out their applications in the real world. Through your course work, you’ll become well versed in everything from commercial and investment banking to mortgage markets to accounting principles and practices.

Four-Year Combined BS/MS Finance program for sophomores in the Economics-Finance major:

The world of finance is getting more complex and competitive every day. That’s why Bentley now offers a Four-Year Combined BS/MS Finance program for a select group of high achieving students. Students apply to this program during their sophomore year. Admitted students will spend their junior and senior years earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, distinguishing themselves from their peers and increasing opportunities for career advancement.

In this accelerated program, you’ll develop depth and breadth in corporate finance and investments, and graduate in a total of four years with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree with no duplication of content.