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English Degree

To succeed in the business world, no matter what your passion — buying or selling, marketing or management, finance or economics — you need to be able to communicate.

In fact, written and verbal communication skills are what many employers say is missing among today’s young professionals, and as experiences of Bentley alumnae suggest, communication skills are a key factor in career advancement. An English major develops and refines those communication skills, preparing students for a variety of exciting careers.

Bentley’s English major is a distinctive new study of the methods, philosophies and practices of literary and cultural studies. The curriculum enables students to gain a wider understanding of our increasingly globalized and diverse world. In addition, Bentley English majors complete a creative writing component, delving deeply into a variety of literary genres while crafting and revising their own creative texts. The major’ supportive environment encourages and helps students become both perceptive and technically proficient at crafting language and mastering marketable civic skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and written communication.