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Business Studies Major and Minor

As an English major, you also must complete either the Business Studies major (BSM) or minor.

Business Studies Major

The Business Studies major has six required courses and two electives. The required courses are the first six in the General Business Core, which must be completed by all of our students:

  • Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
  • Tools and Concepts in Accounting and Finance
  • Practice and Applications in Accounting and Finance
  • Business Statistics
  • Marketing and Operations Fundamentals
  • ​Human Behavior and Organizations

For your remaining two courses, you can select classes within a single discipline such as marketing, information design and corporate communication or management. You also can take courses in different disciplines but that focus on the same theme, such as nonprofits, technology or international business. This approach allows you to gain broad business skills, but tailor them to a particular field that matches your interests. In addition, you also can complete the BSM by taking two additional advanced General Business Core courses.

Business Studies Minor

The minor requires the following courses:

GB 110            Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
GB 112            Tools and Concepts in Accounting & Finance
GB 212            Practice & Applications in Accounting & Finance
GB 213            Statistical analysis of Business Data
GB 214            Marketing-Operations Fundamentals
GB 215            Human Behavior and Organizations