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Health Studies Degree

The health care industry is big business. Each year in the United States, more than $3 trillion is spent on health care — and this figure is rising.

These increasing health-care costs are an unsustainable path for the nation.

Solving these problems requires professionals with considerable ingenuity and creativity, and who can take into account biology, technology, society and business. Our Health Studies major equips you with this mix of skills. Through this program, you will be prepared to help organizations acquire, convert and translate the latest scientific, psychological and business perspectives into more effective health care delivery.

Our Health Studies Program

The Health Studies major is an innovative program that integrates the Natural and Applied Sciences health and psychology curricula with our core programs in business. With this degree, you will have a strong foundation in the laboratory sciences, as well as the flexibility to tailor your studies to a specific area of interest, such as policy, psychology, biotechnology, and global or environmental health.