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Hispanic Studies Degree Faculty

Christian RubioChristian Rubio
Associate Professor, Modern Languages

What do you teach? 

I teach Elementary and Intermediate Spanish II, Culture and Civilization of Spain, and Modern Peninsular Literature.

Why do you like teaching at Bentley?

I feel like I am part of the family here. The students are very eager to learn and are open to exploring new ideas. I’ve also been given the flexibility to develop my own career goals, which benefits my students.

What is your teaching style?

I strive to make my classes student-oriented. I adjust my teaching style to my students’ needs and styles of learning. And, I want them to have fun while learning, so my classes are entertaining while full of new knowledge. I love the fact that because I teach language, I can discuss politics, current affairs, socio-economic issues, and history, among many others. 

What advice would you offer a new Bentley student?

Be active on campus and get to know as many people as possible. We are living in a global world and Bentley is an example of that; our community has students and faculty from all over the world. You should also get to know your professors — we have an open-door policy and are willing to help you in any way possible. And finally, you should take classes outside of your major, because college is about learning new ideas and perspectives.