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History Degree Curriculum

Required Courses

As a History major, you’ll be required to take:

Seminar in History
Four courses in a regional or thematic concentration
Two History electives
One course in non-Western history or your thematic area

This major also requires that you develop Intermediate II competency in a modern language.

Other Courses

Additional History courses include:

20th Century U.S. Economic History
America and its Arts
The Caribbean: Past, Present, Futures
The Civil War
Colonial America (1400-1750)
Constitutional History of the United States
History of China: Before Confucius, After Mao
History of Ireland: From St. Patrick to “The Troubles”
History of Japan: Samurai and Salarymen
Latin America (1800-Present)
The Making of Our Contemporary World
The Medieval West
Modern United States History (1920-Present)
The Past and Present in Africa
The Revolutionary Generation in the United States (1750-1815)
The Romantic Age
The Soviet Union and After
Ten Ideas that Shook the World
U.S. Women’s History
The Vietnam War
Women, Work and Family in European Perspective
World War I
World War II