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Management Degree

Managers make things happen.

Their job is to keep every aspect of an organization running smoothly, which can involve everything from hiring a standout job candidate to measuring the success of an advertising campaign to creating and managing multimillion-dollar budgets. It takes a serious set of technical skills, combined with a highly nuanced understanding of how to work with diverse people. 

Our Management Program

Using case studies, team projects, computer simulations and experiential learning, our Management degree curriculum applies class work to issues drawn straight from the business world. Our degree takes a generalist approach, so your skills will run the gamut — by the end, you’ll be a whiz at negotiating contracts, writing business plans, leading high-performance teams, using data to solve problems, and incorporating information technology into decision-making.

Management Concentrations

You can specialize your training by focusing your studies on a specific area of management, such as:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global management
  • Human resources management
  • Leadership
  • Supply Chain Management


Skills You'll Need to Future-Proof Your Career

Bentley University commissioned labor market analytics firm to examine data from 24.5 million U.S. job listings to find out which skills are in highest demand, pay the most and have seen the highest growth in recent years.

                Job Postings requiring Business Management Skills