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Management Degree Faculty

Aaron Nurick
Professor, Management

What do you teach?

My classes include Interpersonal Relations in Management, Interpersonal Behavior in Management, and Social Psychology.

Why do you like teaching at Bentley?

After teaching at Bentley for 30 years, one of my favorite aspects of being a professor is discovering that I can have a lasting impact on students. It’s wonderful to hear from students who were in my classes 20 or 25 years ago and still remember their experiences. For me, teaching is a pleasure. I look forward to the start of each new class.

What is your teaching style?

I strongly believe it is important to know your students and their concerns, passions, frustrations and ambitions. That way I can try to make the concepts and ideas they are learning relevant to their own experiences. I want to make sure that they can immediately apply what they are learning and see connections in the real world. My classes are ongoing conversations informed by the course material.

What advice would you offer a new Bentley student?

I teach about how self-concepts form, so I believe knowing your values and passions is crucial. You need to know your own strengths and how to build on them. And good relationships are key to having a successful future.