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Managerial Economics Degree Faculty

Aaron Jackson
Assistant Professor, Economics

What do you teach?

I teach the Intermediate Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics courses, as well as a course that prepares students for the College Fed Challenge, a competition that teaches students about how the Federal Reserve works. I also occasionally teach a Principles of Macroeconomics course.

Why do you like teaching at Bentley?

It is particularly rewarding to be a positive influence on how students understand the world around them, and to see them develop. The smaller classes at Bentley allow me to get to know students as more than just a number or nameless face. It’s fun to get to know what makes them tick outside of the classroom, as well as inside.

What is your teaching style?

Being from the West Coast, I tend to be fairly laid back, and I think this is reflected in my teaching style. In class, I try to promote an open and inviting environment in which students are encouraged to ask questions and participate. One of the main ways I try to engage students is having them work together in small groups. I find this to be very effective in helping them learn the subject matter.

What advice would you offer a new Bentley student?

Don’t be afraid to take creative risks in school and in life. When I arrived at Bentley 10 years ago, I did not consider myself to be a creative person by any means. Over time, I have come to recognize the creative potential within myself, and have learned to harness that to benefit me, my students and Bentley as a whole. Having the imagination to be able to see a problem from a variety of perspectives is immensely helpful not only in the classroom, but to career success and living life on your own terms.