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Philosophy Degree Faculty

Jeff MoriartyJeff Moriarty
Associate Professor, Philosophy

What do you teach?

I teach the introductory philosophy course Problems of Philosophy, upper-level courses including Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Ethics, and a module in our new MBA program, Leadership Ethics: Decision-Making, Influence and Integrity. In all of them, we ask: “What is the right thing to do?”

Why do you like teaching at Bentley?

I like teaching here because students care about doing well in class. This means they do the required work, and do it well. I see this in class. There is important course content I want students to master, so lectures are unavoidable. But since students are prepared, we can always move past this to critically examining the issues as a class. In this environment, students learn a lot from each other as well as from me.

What is your teaching style?

I use a mix of lectures and discussion, readings and case studies. I want students to master the course content, think deeply and critically about it, and examine it from all angles. I choose classic readings that make detailed and influential arguments. Case studies help illustrate the relevance of theoretical concerns to the real world, and are chosen based on their ability to excite students about the issues. I make PowerPoint available to students so they don’t have to scribble furiously in class. This gives them more time to think and ask questions. 

What advice would you offer a new Bentley student?

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your professors! Send them an email, drop by during their office hours, or stop them on the quad. Discuss what you’re learning in class with your professors, fellow students, friends and parents. At Bentley, you will encounter ideas that will be entirely new. Now is the time to explore them as fully as possible.