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Sustainability Science Degree Curriculum

Major Requirements

As a Sustainability Science major, you’ll be required to take:

  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Federal Environmental and Natural Resource Policy
  • Green Biology: Ecological and Botanical Connections
  • Science of Sustainability
  • Three Sustainability Science electives
  • Capstone experience (research internship and field experience)

In addition, you must choose one of the following electives:

  • The Developing World
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Environmental Law
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Globalization

The major also requires that you develop Intermediate II competency in a modern language.

Other Courses

Additional environmental sustainability courses include:

  • The Atmosphere
  • Ecology: Principles and Applications
  • Energy Alternatives
  • Environmental Economics
  • Global Health Challenges
  • Mathematical Modeling in Environmental Management
  • Water and the Environment
  • Water Quality