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Teaching & Learning

Iris Berdrow

Professor Iris Berdrow’s work focuses on inter-cultural management practices.  Her specific research interests are in developing inter-cultural competencies, and pedagogies designed to effectively prepare students for inter-cultural work environments.  Her teaching case “ The Monte Lauro Vineyards Story” received highly commended mention for outstanding quality from the 2013 EFMD Case Writing Competition.  Her latest work with Dr. Allan Bird of Northeastern University develops a model for assessment and development of intercultural effectiveness, and presents results from a 5 year longitudinal study of undergraduate intercultural effectiveness.



Mark Davis

Professor Mark Davis’s research focuses on service operations management. He recently published a case with Harvard Business School Publishing titled “Three Jays Company” (August, 2014). He has also developed a workshop on “Education as a Service,” in which he discusses the various teaching innovations he has introduced into his classroom. This workshop has been presented at several academic conferences and Professor Davis has been invited to present it to faculty at Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary and the University of Sao Paulo at Sao Carols, Brazil (October, 2014). He also was invited to present an abbreviated online version to the members of International Society of Service Innovations Professionals (August, 2014).


Alan Hoffman

Professor Alan Hoffman is a Strategic Management case writer and textbook author. His current research interest is the areas of Design Thinking, Creativity and Innovation. He recently published a textbook entitled, Strategic Management and Business Policy: Globalization, Innovation and Sustainability, 14th Edition, Pearson 2015, with co-author Charles E. Bamford. He is also a strategic management case writer and has published more than 30 cases that appear regularly in all of the major strategic management textbooks. His recent cases on Staples, Harley Davidson and JC Penney are available through the Rotterdam School of Management Case Development Center and


Diane Kellogg

Professor Diane Kellogg’s scholarship focusing on public-private partnerships (PPPs) engaged in large-scale social change is an extension of her career-long interest in leadership and organization change.  She initiated The Ghana Project at Bentley which introduces students to the potential for private business to address social problems.   Her chapter in Socially Responsive  Organizations and the Challenge of Poverty (Gudic, Rosenbloom and Parkes, 2014) is titled “Partners in Learning on the Front Lines of Poverty” and analyzes approaches to educating and motivating business students to not only think about issues of poverty and inequality but to take action.  


George Marron

Professor George Marron’s research interests focuses on the ever changing workplace. Another area of interest includes workforce diversity issues especially as they impact Hispanic business professionals. He also focuses on issues involved in the assessment and assurance of student learning outcomes. Three current projects in this area are: “Three Tools to Improve Student Learning and Contribute to the Assessment Process in Undergraduate Business Education Courses”; “I Don’t Remember Learning That:  An Assessment of Learning in an Integrative Business Course” and “Faculty Motivation and The Impact on Assessment”.


Duncan Spelman

Professor Duncan Spelman’s current scholarship focuses on exploring pedagogical approaches that help students to develop the capacity to think about their own thinking. Such thinking (metacognition) is particularly valuable for leaders, especially when operating in situations characterized by significant cultural and demographic diversity.  The model he has developed with Bentley co-authors Wiley Davi and Earl Avery highlights the impact on our thinking of unconscious processes, emotions, social identities and the drive for certainty.  He and his coauthors have presented at several conferences including the International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, and the Academic Chairpersons Conference.