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Two female students assist with service-learning project.

Experiential Communities

Hands-on learning outside the classroom

We believe our students learn best by doing. That’s why we provide hands-on learning experiences that build upon the knowledge and skills you’ve gained in the classroom. From service-learning projects and study abroad programs to multimedia creation and technological innovation, our experiential communities offer immersive and integrated experiences that challenge you to think more creatively and critically.

Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Works with local, national and international partners to provide academic and co-curricular programs in which students promote social change, social justice and social entrepreneurship. 


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Cronin Office for International Education

Provides students with academically rigorous and culturally enriching international experiences, preparing them for socially responsible leadership in an increasingly interconnected world.


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Trading Room (Hughey Center for Financial Services)

A state-of-the-art investment research center featuring 60 workstations, each equipped with real-time data and leading financial technologies, and 24 Bloomberg terminals. 


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Computer Information Systems Sandbox

A space for informal, peer-led technology education, preparing students to succeed in their Computer Information Systems courses and thrive in a technology-driven business world.


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Center for Languages and International Collaboration

Equipped with high-tech conferencing capabilities, multimedia libraries and international satellite broadcasts to give students access to other languages, countries and cultures.


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Recording studio with microphone and sound engineering dashboard

Media and Culture Labs and Studio

A state-of-the-art studio equipped with media production tools for video, audio, digital photography and design projects.