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The Bentley Research Council

Bentley University's Research Agenda

Bentley University is an internationally recognized business university committed to intellectual contributions that reflect the institution’s focus on fusion. Faculty regularly collaborate with colleagues in other disciplines to produce scholarly work that explores complex issues from a transdisciplinary perspective. Lenses developed through deep connections and potential unification of arts & sciences and business faculties. This fusion across research disciplines expands critical thinking capacity; develops communication, collaboration and implementation capability; and cultivates an ability to make connections across seemingly, disparate perspectives – an ability essential for finding innovative solutions to the challenges of our time.

The mission of the Research Council is to provide intellectual leadership on research at Bentley University. The council does this through the following three interrelated activities aligned with the university’s vision, mission and strategy:

  • Develop and articulate a perspective on why research is essential to continuing and enhancing the achievement of Bentley’s mission.
  • Present a clear vision of what constitutes quality research at Bentley and position this vision within the broader context of faculty scholarship.
  • Support Bentley faculty as they pursue and enhance the quality of their research endeavors and advise academic leadership about actions and platforms needed to further Bentley’s research agenda.

As a celebration of the accomplishments of our faculty, Bentley’s Research Report reaffirms the university's commitment to scholarship that makes a difference for business and society. Additionally, Bentley's Annual Research Colloquium affords faculty and students the opportunity to present and share their current research on topics of critical importance both within and outside the academy.

As chair of Bentley’s Research Council, I think you will find ample evidence of Bentley’s goals for, and achievements in, high-quality scholarship that makes a difference for business and society. I invite you to discover more at our research homepage.

Marcia M. Cornett, Chair of the Research Council
The Robert A. and Julia E. Dorn Professor of Finance


Bentley Research Council Members

Marcia M. Cornett
Robert A. and Julia E. Dorn Professor of Finance, Research Council Chair

Ordinary Members:
Anthony Buono, Professor of Management and Sociology
Winston Buckley, Associate Professor Mathematical Science 
Ranjoo Herr, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Rani Hoitash, Gibbons Professor, Accountancy, Research Council Chair-Elect
Angma Jhala, Associate Professor of History
Gesa Kirsch, Professor of English & Media Studies
M. Lynne Markus, Poduska Sr. Professor, IPM
Sandeep Purao, Trustee Professor of Information and Process Management
Joni Seager, Professor of Global Studies
Heikki Topi, Professor of Computer Information Systems
Lan Xia, Associate Professor of Marketing

Ex-officio Members:
Professor Martin Conyon, PhD Program Director, Department of Management
Professor Daniel Everett, Dean of Arts & Sciences
Hope Houston, Director, Library
Associate Professor Vicki Lafarge, Associate Provost
Gaurav Shah, Director, Academic Technology Center
Professor Roy (Chip) Wiggins III, Dean of Business and the McCallum School of Business
Professor William Wiggins, Research Council Coordinator, Professor of Law, Tax & Financial Planning                                                                                                                    

Administrative Support:
Susan Capolino-Cocuzzo, Sr. Academic Coordinator