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History Degree

Think the study of history is merely about memorizing dates, names and events? Think again.

Since the present day was forged in the past, this field is really a tool for understanding the people and cultures that have come before us, and using these insights to shape the modern world. 

Our History Program

In our History major, your studies will take you everywhere from colonial America to the former Soviet Union to the medieval west. Guiding you will be faculty members who are experts in modern Europe, China and India; the Caribbean; American religion; women’s history and more. But you won’t spend your time exclusively in the past — through a broad range of business courses, you’ll also explore how your knowledge is relevant to today’s world. It’s all designed to make sure you leave here with top-notch skills in critical thinking, data analysis and communication.

History Concentrations

In this major, you’ll customize your studies through one of two concentration options:

  • Regional history (American, Asian, European or Latin American/Caribbean)
  • Thematic history (social, economic or military)