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Mathematical Sciences Degree Faculty

Charles HadlockCharles Hadlock
Professor, Mathematical Sciences

What do you teach?

I teach courses on mathematical modeling of environmental problems, game theory, chaos theory and the mathematics of evolution.

Why do you like teaching at Bentley?

We have small classes, so I’m able to really get to know my students. And they seem to really appreciate that our math courses connect to the real world.

What is your teaching style?

My classes are very interactive — lectures are constantly interspersed with in-class exercises and discussion. I try to keep track of where every student is at with the material at all times, and I always encourage them to drop by my office to ask their questions and discuss class lessons.

What advice would you offer a new Bentley student?

In your first semester, you have to decide how successful you want to be. If you want all of the advantages of a high GPA and great mastery of the material, you have to stick to that goal unfailingly from the first week. It’s hard, but the payoff for your life and career will be phenomenal.