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Public Policy Curriculum

Major Requirements

As a Public Policy major, you’ll be required to take:

  • Globalization
  • Politics and Public Policy
  • Seminar in Government
  • Three Public Policy Electives

In addition, you also must choose two of the following classes on domestic and global policy:

  • The Developing World
  • International Organizations
  • International Politics
  • Politics and Urban Economy in the U.S.
  • Politics of Communications Policy
  • Social Policy
  • U.S. Foreign Policy

The major also requires that you develop Intermediate II competency in a modern language.

Other Courses

Additional Public Policy courses include:

  • Business and Politics of News Media
  • Contemporary Latin America
  • Contemporary Issues in Global Politics
  • Current Political Issues
  • Cyber Psychology
  • Deviance and Social Order
  • Diversity, Minorities and Social Change
  • Drugs and Society
  • Economics of Regulation and Antitrust
  • Environmental Economics
  • Environmental Law
  • European Politics and Integration
  • Gender and the Law
  • Global Health Challenges
  • Global Transportation and Tourism
  • Health Economics
  • Human Health and Disease
  • International Economic Growth and Development
  • Law and Society
  • Modern U.S. History
  • Politics in the Middle East
  • Race and the Law