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MBA Concentrations

Have Your MBA Your Way

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The Accounting concentration introduces the major avenues of accounting practice and, for students with an accounting background, offers additional technical training and advanced analytical skills. In consultation with the faculty advisor, students choose courses in areas such as financial accounting, managerial accounting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, and accounting information systems.

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics concentration helps professionals gain a competitive advantage by using data resources. Courses offer a solid grounding in applied statistical methods, emphasizing the use of appropriate software tools. Students also have an opportunity to see how these methods are used in current practice in a particular business area. Exposure to real data takes place in concentration courses, an optional intern

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The Finance concentration is designed to provide a broad understanding of investment and financing related issues in corporate finance, the purpose and functions of financial markets and institutions, appropriate ways to evaluate trade-offs between risk and return and complexities associated with operating in a global economy. Requirements for the concentration include courses in Corporate Finance and Investments.

Health Care Management

The Strategic Health Care Management concentration of the Bentley MBA will give you the industry-specific skills and insights needed to become a leader in a massive industry undergoing fast-paced change and disruption. Succeeding in this billion-dollar industry requires strategic and collaborative business leaders with effective leadership and problem-solving skills. Courses emphasize interpersonal dynamics, project management, innovation and analytics. 

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Information Systems and Technology (IST)

The IST concentration is intended to give MBA students access to the full array of learning provided by the graduate coursework offered by the Computer Information Systems, Information Design and Corporate Communication, and Information and Process Management departments. It focuses on programming, software development, and database foundations with a special emphasis on applying computer science to business. Jobs that combine both fields include web development, systems architecture, and business analysis.


Law and Taxation

A solid understanding of business laws provides the basis for making strategic decisions that provide competitive advantages and maximize shareholder value, without compromising corporate social responsibility. The Law and Taxation concentration provides all students with a firm grounding in tax law and allows them to choose three other courses to complement their interests and area of study. Students can focus on one of the three areas (Law, Taxation or Financial Planning) emphasizing depth in one subject, or choose an array of courses that offer a broader exposure to the entire discipline. 

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The Leadership concentration develops the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to effectively lead complex multinational/multicultural organizations. Students from such diverse fields as engineering, IT, biotechnology, consulting, financial systems, health care and many others often choose this concentration as preparation for advancement into broader leadership roles. In consultation with the faculty advisor, students select from a wide variety of courses and develop a personalized leadership concentration best suited for their individual career aspirations.


The Marketing concentration provides a solid grasp of marketing knowledge and skills, emphasizing the importance of satisfying customer needs, to meet organizational goals. Students learn how factors such as price, promotion and distribution affect a product’s image and success among the target market. Hands-on experience teaches students to collect relevant data, and turn the information into strategies that promote long-term relationships with customers.

MBA and Marketing Studio Class