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Health Studies Degree Careers

Career opportunities are very promising for individuals with a deep grasp of a wide range of issues related to health.

As a graduate of our Health Studies program, you will have a solid understanding of the basics of human health and disease and how institutions that deliver or support health care function. You will have your pick of positions in fields ranging from biotechnology to health care policy to public health.

Specific positions you can pursue include:

  • Biotechnology project manager
  • Health care quality assurance officer
  • Health education resources provider
  • Hospital administrator
  • Human resources coordinator
  • Medical editor
  • Medical information technology developer
  • Medical sales, marketing or public relations professional
  • Pharmaceutical or medical device analyst
  • Research administrator
  • Research assistant
  • Training and instructional designer
  • Wellness advocate


Want to learn more? Check out these resources for more information about a career in the health care industry: