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Philosophy Degree Curriculum

Major Requirements

As a Philosophy major, you’ll be required to take one course from each of the following four areas:

1. Introduction to Logic or Mathematical Logic
2. Ancient and Medieval Philosophy or Modern Philosophy
3. Theories of Knowledge or Theories of Reality
4. Ethics or Social Philosophy or Political Thought from a Global Perspective

You are also required to take four Philosophy electives.

In addition, the major requires that you develop Intermediate II competency in a modern language.

Other Courses

Additional Philosophy courses include:

  • Business Ethics: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Ethics: International Business Ethics
  • Business Ethics: Philosophy of Work
  • Contemporary Philosophy: Change and Meaning
  • Directed Study in Philosophy
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Ethics
  • Healthcare Ethics
  • Introduction to Mathematical Logic
  • Perspectives on Poverty
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Political Thought from a Global Perspective
  • Special Problems in Business and Professional Ethics