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Bentley Leadership Breakfast Series

The Bentley Leadership Breakfast series is a wonderful opportunity for the local business community to engage in lively discussions on pressing topics impacting today's business leaders. Each 90 minute session will feature an informative presentation by one of Bentley's top business faculty members, engaging questions and answer sessions, and the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals in the area. So join us for breakfast and leave with a new perspective, idea or business connection!

Sessions fit easily into your budget at just $20 per seat, or $80 for 5 seats. Come and experience a glimpse of what Bentley's Executive Education has to offer!


Judging Others: Improving Communication through Person Perception
Date: Tuesday April 23, 2019
Professor Danielle Hartigan
Time: 8-9:30AM
Location: LaCava 325ABC
Cost: $20 per seat, 5 seats for $80

Making judgments and predictions of others’ emotions, attitudes, and intentions from verbal and nonverbal cues is essential to effective communication. Social psychologists call the ability to recognize and accurately interpret another person’s verbal and nonverbal behaviors- person perception. In this interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to assess their own ability to accurately judge others using standardized tests of person perception. Participants will then engage in an interactive and evidence-based person perception training program. The session will end with an opportunity to reflect on their own ability and the value of person perception in their professional interactions.