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Strategies for Emerging Leaders: Managing Up, Across & Within

Coming Spring 2024

Strategies for Emerging Leaders is an intensive program providing professionals in the first decade of their career with the essential skills and competencies needed to successfully manage up and across organizations. Through interactive team engagement with a cohort of peers, participants gain foundational leadership capabilities enabling them to understand and leverage their individual professional strengths, lead and influence across organizations, and effectively manage their relationships with managers, mentors, and sponsors to advocate for their career advancement.

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Strategies for Emerging Leaders: Key Learning Objectives

The jump from individual contributor to leader or manager is one of the most challenging in business and is a key transition that can derail many talented, aspiring leaders. In this program, we aim to provide emerging leaders with the foundations on which to build their continued success. Our sessions will help you transition your mindset from a sole focus on your individual work towards harnessing the power of diverse talent and networks across your organization, and mindfully planning your career progression.  Through active learning modules, participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of your individual professional strengths and how to leverage that understanding to optimize your performance and professional satisfaction 
  • Explore a framework of communication and conflict styles and learn to flex your style to both enhance team collaboration and to engage others in productive conflict resolution
  • Strengthen your ability to confidently ask for, receive and provide feedback 
  • Understand the relationship between influence, authority, and power and how to use these concepts to be able to effectively influence across an organization where you may or may not have formal authority
  • Learn the essential components to successfully “manage up” in your organization
  • Develop the ability to engage in brave dialogues about working across differences with managers 
  • Learn to leverage mentors, sponsors, and networks to advance career goals 
  • Develop an individualized 5-year career advancement plan 
Program Topics & Structure

Session 1:  Understanding and Leveraging your Strengths

  • Gain an awareness of your unique professional strengths, and drivers of workplace satisfaction.
  • Explore using this information to leverage your natural talents and the natural talents of others at work.

Build awareness on how to maximize performance, enhance communication utilizing the language of strengths and awareness of talents.

Session 2:  Communication styles & Conflict

  • Understand your default communication and conflict style and learn to recognize the conflict styles of others.
  • Explore how to adapt and flex your communication and conflict style to enhance collaboration in your team.
  • Practice active listening and listening for understanding as a key tool to productively work through conflict.

Session 3:  Managing up, Leveraging Feedback & Coaching

  • Understand organizational hierarchies; assess managers’ styles and learn how to adapt to them
  • Delve into a research-proven behavior-based feedback model and learn how it can help frame productive feedback discussions.
  • Learn how to ask, receive, and give behavior-based feedback.
  • Understand how to employ peer coaching to empower others to find solutions to their own problems.

Session 4:  Self Advocacy: Owning your influence, power & voice

  • Learn the foundations of influence, power and authority dynamics and
  • Explore how to increase your influence and establish your voice in your organization, regardless of your role.

Learn influencing skills and how to develop strategic relationships to successfully lead across an organization, particularly in instances where you do not possess formal authority.

Session 5:  Leading with Bentley Brave Dialogues

  • Learn a framework for initiating brave dialogues across difference and practice employing that framework through case scenarios.
  • Uncover how to gauge manager’s openness to brave dialogues, and learn common barriers to engagement in these dialogues.
  • Explore strategies to educate management in value of brave dialogues in the managerial relationship.

Session 6: The Power of leveraging Mentorships, Sponsorships and Networks in your career

  • Understand the differences of Mentorships, Sponsorships and Networks and the roles that each can play in your career advancement.
  • Gain insight into your individual role and responsibilities in these key professional relationships.
  • Explore how to identify mentors and sponsors throughout your career journey.
  • Discuss strategies to effectively network in today’s largely virtual world.
  • Understand how to develop and communicate your individual professional brand.

Develop a 5 year career plan which incorporates learnings throughout these sessions.

Who Should Attend

Strategies for emerging leaders has been created for professionals in the first decade of their careers looking to elevate their leadership capabilities. Participant profiles include:

  • High performance individual contributors, aspiring to advance
  • First time managers
  • Managers/ Individual contributors feeling “stuck” in their career

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