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Breaking Through: Essential Skills for Impactful Leaders

Lead. Motivate. Inspire.

Coming Spring 2024

In the dynamic workforce of today, it’s imperative that leaders move beyond technical management to employing critical soft skills that motivate and inspire teams to achieve optimal performance. Breaking Through is a leadership intensive that challenges participants to develop the capabilities to lead effectively through employing research based interpersonal approaches that improved team connectedness, garner trust, and encourage the inclusion of diverse perspectives. Through active learning modules, participants will explore the role of emotional intelligence in leadership, delve into the benefits and drawbacks of their default leadership and conflict management styles, and learn how to foster an inclusive organization that leverages the knowledge, talents, and perspectives of a diverse team.

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Elevate your Leadership Capabilities

Learn how to employ research-based practices that improve your capacity to understand and motivate the people in your organization, while cultivating a workplace culture that embraces difference and values the contributions of all.

During the program you will:

  • Gain insight into potential barriers to an inclusive workplace and actionable strategies to overcome these barriers
  • Learn to employ emotional intelligence to improve your ability to assess situations and apply appropriate leadership and influence styles
  • Understand the opportunities that conflict brings to bear and decrease your apprehension to engage in constructive conflict
  • Explore the impact of earning trust and building relationships on your ability to lead and influence
Program Topics and Structure

The program structure for our virtual option will deliver all program modules via 5, live virtual sessions. These sessions will run from 8:30AM-12:00 PM EST, (which is inclusive of a 30-minute break). Our programming is highly interactive, employing small group discussions, exercises and case studies throughout the program. Participants will leave with a personal action plan to employ concepts learned in our sessions and elevate their leadership practice.

Topics covered will include:

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • Develop a greater understanding of personal values and perspectives and how these impact professional interactions
  • Understand emotional intelligence and its role in leadership
  • Explore leadership styles and how circumstances and social dynamics influence their efficacy
  • Discuss the role of conflict in interpersonal relationships and individual conflict styles
  • Improve confidence in addressing conflict across the organization

Leading Inclusive Organizations

  • Define intersectionality and how it relates to workplace experience
  • Explore how identities may lead to privilege, discrimination and compound discrimination
  • Understand key psychological processes that impede relations across difference and how to address them
  • Learn how to identify individual biases and techniques to de-bias behaviors

Content Integration & Action Planning

  • Apply the new frameworks to a past leadership challenge, reassessing the approach and outcome
  • Share the challenge and lessons learned to fellow participants to gain additional perspectives
  • Devise a personal action plan to integrate new insights and strategies into your professional role
Who Should Attend?

Breaking Through has been developed to enhance the skillset of those charged with managing a team or group who want to move beyond effective management to motivational leadership.

This includes:

  • Directors
  • High-potential Mid-level Managers
  • Team Leaders

Register and Learn How to Inspire an Inclusive and Engaged Organization

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Program Dates & Times

Spring 2024

Dates Coming Soon

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Program Cost: $1,990

Program fee includes tuition and instructional materials.

Register early to receive a 10% discount.

Bentley alumni receive a 50 percent enrollment discount.

Bentley Campus

Bentley Refund Policy

Bentley University will grant a full refund for cancellations received at least 30 days before the program start date. A 50% refund will be given for those cancellations made prior to fourteen days of the program start date. No refund will be granted for those cancellations received after that time.

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