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Corporate Entrepreneurship for Competitive Advantage

Coming Soon | Spring 2024

Harness Technology to Create Leverage and Empower Your Business

All companies will eventually become Tech companies. However, the companies that best navigate the intersection of business and technology are poised to maximize success.

Participants will learn current trends in Corporate Entrepreneurship that leverage technology to increase the firm’s capacity to harness innovation, so they are poised to more quickly respond to the market to capture value.

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Discover Corporate Entrepreneurship Imperatives to Lead Digital Transformation

During this program, you will:

  • Understand the role of Corporate Entrepreneurship in driving innovation related growth
  • Learn how Platforms & Ecosystems work to drive value
  • Assess your organizations readiness or capacity for Digital Transformation
  • Craft an initial set of solutions and opportunities for your organization to act upon
Program Topics and Structure

How You'll Learn in this Program

The program is delivered in 3 full-day and in-person sessions at Bentley University.

In this highly interactive program, faculty and industry experts will guide participants through hands-on activities and real-world simulations, ensuring a holistic understanding and practical application of the material covered.

This immersive approach guarantees not just theoretical knowledge but actionable insights that can be directly applied in the workplace.

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Program Overview:

The Corporate Entrepreneurship Imperative

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship vs Intrapreneurship
  • Digital Strategy: Places to Play, Transformation to Get There
  • Case Study: Cloud Computing

Platforms & Ecosystems

  • The Platform: The Vehicle Used for Purpose
  • The Ecosystem: Complementary Firms & Actors Creating Unique Value
  • The Platform Strategy: Maximizing the Value of the Ecosystem
  • A Catalyst for Growth: Emerging Markets & Developing Country Platforms

Digital Transformation

  • Becoming a Digitally Native Enterprise
  • Your Organization and Digital Transformation
  • Culture Eats Technology for Lunch

Opportunity Identification & Design Thinking

  • Identifying the Relevant Opportunities for Your Enterprise
  • Design Thinking for Innovative Solutions
  • Workshop: Solutions & Opportunities for Your Organization
Additional Information
  • Curriculum can be adapted to the desired learning goals of the audience.
  • Delivery Mode: In-Person
Sandeep Purao Headshot
Sandeep Purao
Computer Information Systems

Dr. Purao is a Trustee Professor in the IPM group at Bentley University. His research and teaching deal with the design of complex techno-organizational systems. Before joining Bentley, he was on the faculty at the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State, and the Computer Information Systems Department at Georgia State. He holds a Ph.D. in Management Science (with a focus on Management Information Systems) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has an MBA from Northern Illinois University, where he worked in the Department of Accountancy. He has been a practicing Chartered Accountant (comparable to CPA) in India; and has Bachelor’s degrees in Commerce and Law from the University of Mumbai, India.

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Coming Soon: Spring 2024

Program Cost: $4,875

  • Program fee includes tuition, meals, lab fees and instructional materials.
  • Register 30 days in advance to receive a 10% discount automatically.
  • Bentley Alumni receive a 50% enrollment discount.

For information regarding the alumni discount, contact:

Bentley University Executive Education


Bentley Refund Policy

Bentley University will grant a full refund for cancellations received at least 30 days before the program start date. A 50% refund will be given for those cancellations made prior to fourteen days of the program start date. No refund will be granted for those cancellations received after that time.