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Facilities Management

Facilities Management Administration

The Associate Vice President of Facilities Management oversees the entire Facilities Management division. All aspects of the day-to-day operations, repairs to large capital project construction and life safety matters are under his direction.

Tom Kane
Associate Vice President of Facilities Management

Deb Burbank
Director of Facilities Administration

King-Fa Mei
Financial and Systems Analyst - Facilities Administration

Did you know...

The structure of the Facilities Administration department reports directly to the Associate Vice President of Facilities Management. The Director and Financial/Systems Analyst are comprised of this department that handles all of the Facilities administration for the division. All of the reporting, payroll system management, INFOR maintenance and management and all budgeting/forecasting and fund tracking is managed through the Facilities Administration group. All system upgrades of the various systems that are held within Facilities are managed and maintained through this department; this includes integrations, upgrades and customization of reports. All invoices, purchase orders and WorkDay Management is managed as well. The Work Order Control and Materials Management departments are also part of the Facilities Management Administration department.