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Facilities Management


Bentley University's Temperature Policy

Facilities management operates several types of heating and cooling systems for the campus buildings. The following temperature policy has been created to communicate the expectations and controls of these systems to all community members.

Listed below are the materials to help understand the Temperature Policy.

Heating and Cooling Instructional Videos

Instructional videos for each heating and cooling system have been created to assist students with the operating the units in their buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a work request?

To request work for your area you must fill out a Work Order Request. You can locate that form on the facilities management website, under forms or use the link provide here. Please be sure to fill out the form completely, with your name, telephone number, department and a description of the work you need for your area. We do follow a priority system for work requests that you should review before submitting your request.

Facilities management maintains a priority system for work order requests as a way to provide quality service to the community. The purpose of this system is to reduce the high number of non-emergency phone calls as well as organizing and scheduling our resources to the maximum efficiency. Due to the many requests we receive and the need to prioritize them, day to day maintenance is scheduled around the list with the exception of emergency work orders.

Who do I contact for scheduled work?

The telephone number for the Work Control Center are 781.891.2208. The Work Control Center personnel can provide you with a status on your work order request.

How do I request an estimate?

Facilities Management will provide an estimate for work that is budgeted from the requesting department. A work request needs to be sent outlining the scope of work as well as a budget number for the project.

How do I report an emergency work order?

To report an emergency to the Facilities Management Department during regular business hours, call the Work Control Center at 781.891.2208. During off-hours, please contact the University Police Department at 781.891.2201.

What if I need keys?

To obtain a key(s) for facilities management, a Work Order Request must be completed. All information must be filled in on the form including the key number, an authorized signature and a description of why the key is needed. Any requests for a lock change must follow the same policy.

How do I report a safety issue?

Please contact the Life Safety Services office at 781.891.3448.

Who do I contact about recycling?

Please contact the grounds office at 781.891.2008.

How do I prepare for a move?

For additional information about a move, please refer to our Move Policy. If you are planning a move now, learn more by clicking our Moving Tips.

How do I request signage?

To obtain signage for your area, please submit a Work Order Request with all of the necessary information. The work order request will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel.