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Fire Safety Training

First-Year Fire Safety Seminar - 20 Minutes

This seminar is given during the first week of classes for all incoming first-years. Procedures to follow in the event of an alarm are reviewed, as are the fire safety policies that are in effect in the residence halls. A brochure containing many of these policies and procedures is distributed.

Campus Fire Safety Brochure

RA Fire Safety Seminar - 1 Hour

Resident assistants and directors are offered this training to become more aware of the life safety features of their residence halls. Life safety policies and procedures are also discussed. The procedure for health and safety inspections is reviewed.

Fire Extinguisher Training - 1 Hour

This class is made up of lecture and hands on opportunities. Classes of fires, along with the types of fire extinguishers available, deciding what extinguisher to use, when to fight a fire with an extinguisher and how to properly use an extinguisher, are covered in this class. Participants are able to use a fire extinguisher outside after having learned about fire prevention and the proper use of fire extinguishers.

Campus Fire Safety - 1 Hour

This seminar starts by reviewing the fire basics, including the fire tetrahedron and general use of portable fire extinguishers. The bulk of the information pertains directly to the various policies and life safety devices located on campus. The differently types of fire alarm panels and the significance of trouble and supervisory alarms are also examined. The locations and operations of FM-200, Wet Chemical, and Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems are reviewed.

REQUEST training

If you would like training or information on any fire or life safety topic, please let me know and I would be happy to either provide the training myself or find another way to via outside sources to satisfy your requirements.