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Information Design and Corporate Communication (IDCC)


What’s in a name? When it comes to Information Design and Corporate Communication (IDCC) these four simple words represent multiple ideologies and disciplines. In IDCC courses, you’ll explore and evaluate strategies for relaying information to diverse audiences across a variety of platforms. From public relations and crisis management to graphic design and sports psychology, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the many methods companies use to communicate with consumers. You’ll also explore the world of User Experience (UX), an ever-evolving discipline which encompasses not only product design and function, but also consumer behavior, branding and information management. So, what’s in a name? A compelling convergence of communication, psychology and technology, IDCC is, in its simplest terms, both the art and science of designing everything — for everybody.

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Student Opportunities and Alumni News

Organizations that have hired recent IDCC majors include:

  • Accelerated Marketing Partners
  • CBS Boston
  • Deloitte Consulting
  • e-Dialogue
  • Freecause
  • Idiomation
  • InLineAdz
  • Late July Organic Snacks
  • MFS Investment Management
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Mass Mutual
  • MPG
  • NameMedia
  • Osram Sylvania
  • Parametric Technology Corporation
  • Prosek Partners Communications
  • Racepoint Group Public Relations
  • Reebok International
  • Schwartz MSL Public Relations
  • Travelers
  • Ve Interactive

Alumni Profiles

Chris Robichaud '89
CEO of PMK-BNC, based in LA, NYC and London.
"Trends in Entertainment PR."


Roland Hübscher
Associate Professor and Department Chair

Morison 288