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Creative Industries Degree

Creative Industries is the perfect Bachelor of Science major for your interest in a career where business meets the arts and sciences.

Creative industries are a major driver of global growth. Success in this rewarding arena requires mastery of vital advocacy and visibility tools, so creative works can “break through the clutter” to reach intended audiences.

Our Creative Industries Major

Similar to a communications major, students in our Creative Industries degree program learn how historical and technological changes drive demand for new culture, and dissect how innovators build content, platforms or services for market success. Our courses immerse you in the specialized techniques creative industries need in film, music, mobile gaming, television, advertising, user interface design, packaging, promotion, information architecture, and sports or entertainment public relations. This highly interactive communications degree offers flexibility and customization — a hallmark of all successful creative industries. A variety of offerings and open elective slots help you tailor your academic experience to your interests and your future.