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Doing Business With Bentley

Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, Bentley University is a private business school committed to providing the most advanced business education possible.

With current enrollment exceeding 5,000 undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, Bentley strives to provide an education that integrates information technology with a broad business and arts and sciences curriculum.

Suppliers and service providers interested in working with the institution are strongly encouraged to download, complete, and email a Prospective Vendor Form, along with company literature, including three references, to or mail to Procurement and Campus Services

Operating as a collaborative purchasing group, our office guides the procurement of goods and services through sound and ethical business practices.

Prospective Vendor Form

Payment Terms

All invoices are to be forwarded to the university's Accounts Payable Office. Bentley pays Net 30 unless otherwise agreed to and stated on the Purchase Order. Discounts for earlier payments will be considered.

Bentley University
Accounts Payable Department
175 Forest Street
Waltham, MA    02452-4705

t: 781.891.2174
f: 781.891.3429

Tax Exemption

As a nonprofit institute of higher education, Bentley University is a tax-exempt organization. Exemption certificates are available under the Forms section of the Procurement website.

Sales Tax Exempt Number:12087625

P: 781.891.3456
F: 781.891.3152

Insurance Coverage Requirements

Any company working on the Bentley University campus is required to submit a current Certificate of Insurance to Procurement and Campus Services prior to commencement of service or work. Certificates of Insurance may be mailed or emailed to the address below:

Bentley University
Procurement and Campus Services
175 Forest Street
Waltham, MA  02452-4705

t: 781.891.3456
f: 781.891.3152

Insurance Requirements

Please refer to the below current vendor insurance requirements:

General Supplier

Construction Contractor

Vendor Terms

Complete PO Terms and Conditions

  1. A Bentley issued Purchase Order number must accompany all orders placed with a supplier unless the order does not exceed $5,000.00. This rule also applies to any business conducted by student organizations.
  2. Unless specifically noted in the order, all shipments are to be sent to Bentley University Shipping and Receiving Department. Packing lists on boxes must reference Bentley's Purchase Order number.
  3. All invoices are to be forwarded to the Accounts Payable Department of the university. Any questions relative to invoices should be directed to 781.891.2174. Bentley pays net 30 unless otherwise agreed to and stated on the Purchase Order. Discounts for earlier payment will be examined.
  4. Changes in an order will be noted via an updated Purchase Order referencing the original Purchase Order number.
  5. All Bentley Purchase Orders are issued with the signature of the Executive Director for Procurement and Campus Services. 
  6. Bentley does not allow prepayments or deposits unless arranged in advance with Procurement and Campus Services.
  7. Current Certificates of Insurance must be submitted to Bentley Procurement and Campus Services by all vendors supplying services on university property prior to commencing such services. Please send all appropriate documentation as well as subsequent updated certificates directly to Procurement and Campus Services at 175 Forest Street, Waltham, MA 02452-4705 or email to
  8. Bentley expects all vendors to have Equal Opportunity policies consistent with the following: Vendors must not discriminate in their employment practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, marital status, age, national origin, citizenship status, disability, genetic information, military or veteran status. In addition, Bentley will not condone any form of sexual harassment, either in internal employee relationships or with Bentley employees and students.

Bid Award Criteria

Procurement and Campus Services strives to achieve excellence in fair and ethical business practices.  Multiple criteria are considered in award decisions, weighted in accordance with the situation.

Such criteria may include: service offerings; price, including freight and installation charges; responsiveness of account representative; warranties; ability to meet lead times; industry experience; experience with Bentley University; references; and health of organization, both financial and operational.

In accordance with policy, Bentley does not reveal specific pricing or other information associated with bid processes or other business activities.  Vendors are requested to propose their most competitive offer upon first submittal as these are considered best and final offers.


Corporate Card Program Forms

Purchasing Card Application
Workday Missing Receipt Form
Travel Card Application
Travel-Related Forms
Tax Exempt Form (ST-2)

Other Purchasing Forms

New Prospective Supplier Form
Purchase Order Justification Form

Surplus Assets

Surplus Assets are stored and managed by the Procurement and Campus Services office.  When a usable asset is no longer needed by a department of the university, that asset is stored for redistribution.  Assets that no longer have a usable life are targeted for donation to local non-profit organizations, sold, or disposed of.

As a matter of policy, surplus assets are not made available for faculty, staff, or students to purchase.

Sale of Surplus Assets

When an asset is no longer needed by the university, our office researches qualified buyers who are required to submit a bid for the purchase of such equipment. All revenue generated by the sale of surplus material is deposited to a general fund and is not reallocated to individual departments.

Charitable Donations

Our office works with non-profit organizations and local schools in donating surplus assets that are no longer of use to the university. Many charitable organizations have benefited from these donations, including surplus dormitory and office furniture.

Removal of Used Furniture and Equipment

Any department that no longer has a use for an asset should contact our office to coordinate removal. When surplus furniture is stored, it is immediately made available for redistribution on campus. Assets are not stored for future use by specific departments.

Requesting Used Furniture and Equipment

To request furniture and equipment, please contact us at extension 3456.