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Bentley CARES






The mission of the Bentley CARE Team is to promote community well-being through supporting individual students in achieving personal and academic success.


The Bentley CARE Team is a group of professionals that provide support, guidance, or feedback to students who may be in crises or are engaging in behaviors that are perceived as concerning (either to the student individually or to others). The Bentley CARE Team accepts referrals and responds to students, families, faculty, and staff when concerns for a student’s health and safety are identified.

The CARE Team supports all members of the University community who interact with students by assessing and evaluating concerning situations, communicating with individuals involved or impacted by a student’s behavior, and providing referrals and resources to assist and address behavioral or health concerns.

The CARE Team is composed of individuals from the Residential Center, Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, Health Center, Counseling Center, Academic Services, and University Police. Community members who are concerned about a student are encouraged to talk with the student whenever feasible and then make a referral to an appropriate resource if necessary.  Any direct conversation with a student can be supplemented by a referral to the CARE Team and/or any resource on campus. 

In cases of emergency, reporters must contact University Police (781.891.3131) for on-campus emergencies or 911 for off-campus emergencies FIRST if the person of concern poses an immediate threat to self or others or if the individual experiences a medical emergency (e.g. seizure, loss of consciousness). The CARE Team plays a secondary role to all urgent circumstances and should be contacted only after initial emergency notifications are made.


A CARE report should not be used for emergency situations.

If you are experiencing an emergency situation, please call University Police at 781.891.3131 for on-campus emergencies or 911 for off-campus emergencies.

Click here to submit a CARE report.

This form is not intended to report an emergency. If this report is regarding an emergency, immediate threat of violence, substantial disruption or situation requiring immediate action, please contact University Police at 781-891-3131.

If you are unsure whether or not to submit a report, reviewing our FAQs page may be helpful.

If you are still not sure whether or not to submit a report after reading the above information, please contact the CARE Case Manager at 781.216.7115 or the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs at 781.891.2161 from 8:30am- 4:30pm Monday through Friday. Again, the CARE Team is not for emergencies. Contact University Police at 781.891.3131 for on-campus emergencies or 911 for off-campus emergencies.