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The Bentley Care Team

Promoting community well-being by helping students achieve personal and academic success

If you have a non-urgent concern about a student, please review the information on this website and submit a Care report. Please note that Care reports are only reviewed during University business hours (Monday through Thursday, 8am-5:30pm during the summer). After reviewing your report, a member of the Care Team will reach out to you and coordinate outreach to the student as appropriate.

The purpose of the Bentley Care Team is to promote safety and wellbeing for the University community. This multidisciplinary team accomplishes this by assessing and responding to reports of concerning student behavior.

In cases of emergency, reporters must contact University Police (781.891.3131) for on-campus emergencies or 911 for off-campus emergencies first if the person of concern poses an immediate threat to self or others or if the individual experiences a medical emergency (e.g. seizure, loss of consciousness). The Care Team plays a secondary role to all urgent circumstances and should be contacted only after initial emergency notifications are made.

Submit a Report

This form is not intended to report an emergency. If this report is regarding an emergency, immediate threat of violence, substantial disruption or situation requiring immediate action, please contact University Police at 781-891-3131.

If you are unsure whether or not to submit a report, review our FAQs. If you're still unsure, contact the Care Case Manager at 781-216-7115 or the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs at 781-891-2161 Monday through Thursday, 8am-5:30pm.

Submit a Report