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Human Resources

Religious Observances

Bentley University respects the religious beliefs and practices of all employees and upon request will reasonably accommodate religious observances if a reasonable accommodation is available that does not create an undue hardship on the university.

An employee whose religious beliefs or practices require an accommodation to the employee’s job or work schedule, to the University’s policy or practice on dress and appearance, or to any other aspect of employment, should submit a written request to his/her immediate supervisor. The written request must include the type of religious conflict that exists and the employee’s suggested accommodation.

The supervisor and employee should meet to discuss the request and to arrive at a mutually acceptable accommodation.  If the employee and supervisor cannot agree on an accommodation, either party should contact the department’s HR Business Partner for assistance in finding a resolution to the employee’s request and need for an accommodation.

If an employee is granted time off from work as a religious accommodation, the employee may use accrued vacation or personal days, or take time off without pay.   


Date last revised:  April 15, 2015