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Search Committee Guidelines (Non-faculty)

1. Search Committee Composition

  • Select members on the basis of the skill and judgment they can contribute to the search process, not solely because they represent a particular constituency.
  • Limit committee size to facilitate scheduling meetings and making timely decisions.

2. Search Committee Chair's Responsibilities

  • Clearly articulate the specific charge to the committee (e.g., is the committee to select a candidate or to recommend a list of candidates?)
  • Oversee record keeping; maintain the official record of all committee activities, and ensure all committee members sign a
    confidentiality agreement.
  • Manage search committee business so that the committee can conduct its work effectively and efficiently.
  • Serve as the official spokesperson for the committee.
  • Communicate expectations for committee conduct to members of the committee.
  • Mediate conflict.
  • Identify, and where appropriate, contact resources that may assist the search committee, including the Office of General Counsel and the Affirmative Action Officer in Human Resources

3. Logistics and Protocol

  • All members must keep committee business confidential. Candidate names or information should not be shared with those outside Bentley and should never be shared with other candidates.
  • Early in the process, decide how screening and selection decisions will be managed (e.g., committee members will assign points which will be tallied at the end; majority voting will occur; the committee will strive for consensus, but the Committee Chair will be the final authority where consensus cannot be reached).

4. Documentation

  • Minutes should be maintained that accurately reflect committee deliberations and decisions.
  • When the search is closed, minutes should be forwarded to Human Resources to be maintained in the Recruitment File.

5. Applicant Communication

  • HR will notify applicants who have not been interviewed as soon as they have been eliminated from consideration, unless otherwise directed by the Chair.
  • HR will send regret letters that are courteous and express appreciation for the applicants' efforts. to those candidates who are interviewed. Do not offer to keep application materials on file.
  • Direct questions about why an applicant was not selected to the Human Resources Department.
  • Notify candidates if the search process is delayed or takes longer than expected.
  • As always, contact Human Resources if you have any questions about the Search process.

Last Revised: 6/29/2010