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Consulting During Work Hours

The University recognizes that exempt employees may have consulting opportunities with third parties unrelated to their job at Bentley. Bentley expects that all full time professional employees regard the University as their primary employer and that employees be sensitive to conflicts or the appearance of conflict (employees should refer to and familiarize themselves with Bentley's conflict of interest policy prior to accepting any consulting arrangements). An employee should not accept any consulting assignments with an entity that currently does business with Bentley or is likely to do business with Bentley in the future where the employee will have a role or input in selecting or overseeing that business.

In all consulting assignments, the employee functions without the sponsorship of the University, and the University assumes no responsibility for the decisions, deliverables or impact of the consulting activities. In all cases, exempt employees must schedule consulting assignments outside the normal work day.

Faculty should refer to the Faculty Manual for information regarding their consulting activities.

Revised 10/6/09