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Diversity Retreats

As part of our ongoing diversity initiatives, Bentley University offers the opportunity to participate in a diversity retreat to all full- and part-time members of the faculty and staff. The retreat includes a two-hour session on campus, followed by 2 days (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) at a nearby off-campus conference facility.

The retreat is designed to deepen awareness and understanding of diversity issues on the Bentley campus. It provides a forum for members of the Bentley community to discuss and learn about how diversity issues such as gender, nationality, race and sexual orientation affect our functioning as a University. The sessions are highly interactive and designed to be non-confrontational.

Most participants have found the experience to be time well spent and have encouraged colleagues to attend. Some representative comments from recent participants have been:

"I think that this program is great. It opened the door to a lot of subjects I never really thought about."

I think at Bentley there is always room for improvement. This is definitely a step in the right direction."

For more information on the design of the retreat you are encouraged to contact Duncan Spelman at x2217 or Earl Avery at x2907. You may also talk to a colleague or friend who has already participated in a retreat. We hope managers will encourage and assist any members of their department who have not yet attended.

To register for a retreat, please contact Jean Leccese by email at or by phone at x3475. Space is limited and reservations will be accepted on a first come basis.

We welcome any questions, concerns or comments.