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Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions About Retiring From Bentley

Q. What is a “retiree”?

A.    A "retiree" is any faculty or staff member who leaves Bentley after 10 years of full-time service at age 60 or older.

Q. I want to retire from Bentley. How do I start the process?

A. Contact the Benefits Specialist in Human Resources for an appointment regarding your benefits. We encourage you to arrange this meeting at least three to four months in advance of your retirement date. Notify your manager as soon as possible, also several months before your retirement date, to allow an orderly transition for you, your manager, and your colleagues. Please submit a written letter to your manager with a copy to Human Resources.

Q. When should I contact Social Security about my options?

A.    Social Security recommends you contact your local Social Security Office three-to-six months before your retirement via their toll-free number (800-772-1213), or via web at You may also contact Health Advocate for assistance with Medicare. See attached flyer on Medicare Basics

Q. When will I get my final paycheck?

A.    Your department will submit your last day worked to the payroll office. Final paychecks are not direct deposited and are usually mailed to your home on or about the regularly scheduled pay date.

Q. What happens to my paid time off benefits?

A.    Sick and Personal days available to staff are not paid to you upon retirement. Union retirees will receive half of their accrued, unused sick time according to the Union contract. Accrued and unused vacation time, up to the accrual maximum, will be paid to you upon retirement. Your vacation payout is included in your final paycheck.

Q. May I use vacation time after I give my notice?

A.    You may use accrued vacation time before you leave, if approved by your manager, but your termination date must be your last day actually worked.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment with Human Resources?

A.    Yes. You should meet with a benefits representative and have an exit interview with your HR Business Partner.

Q. What should I do about my Bentley property?

A.    You need to return all Bentley property (e.g. office key, ID card, uniforms, cell phones, laptop or iPad, etc.) to your department head before your last day.

Q. Do I receive a Bentley retiree ID card?

A.    Yes, you may obtain a Bentley retiree card from University Policy. This will allow you to continue to use certain Bentley services and attend Bentley events.

Q. What other services are retirees entitled to?

  1. Dana Center
  2. Use of the library
  3. MetPay Auto and Homeowner Insurance Discounts

If you have further questions, contact Human Resources at (781) 891-3427.

Q: What happens to my 403(b) retirement plan account?

You may choose to keep your money invested with TIAA or Fidelity. However, the IRS requires that you begin minimum distributions from the plan by the April 1 following the year you reach age 70 ½ or you cease to be employed by Bentley, whichever is later. For example, if you are 70 ½ or more and terminate on 12/31/15, your required minimum distribution must occur by April 1, 2016. Contact TIAA and/or Fidelity to initiate this process. More information can be found on the IRS website.