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Human Resources

Job Elimination

Like all institutions, Bentley is constantly evolving to realize its strategic goals, meet the needs of students and faculty, and stay competitive in a changing higher education landscape.  As a result, jobs may be eliminated due to changing business needs or to reallocate resources.  In those instances, Bentley will carefully review whether impacted employees have the education, skills, and experience to assume any new jobs that may be created or may already exist. In the event that an employee’s job is eliminated and the employee is terminated as a result, the following process will be followed whenever possible.


Employees will be notified of the elimination of their job by their manager or divisional vice president and a representative from Human Resources.  The employee will be informed of the reason for the job elimination and Human Resources will explain any Separation Benefits for which the employee may be eligible.

Notice Period

The employee will be given a two-week Notice Period to provide time to transition work and say goodbye to friends and colleagues.  The employee will continue to be an employee of Bentley during this period and will receive his/her regular pay and benefits.  In some instances, Bentley may decide that the employee need not return to work for some or all of the Notice Period, or the employee may prefer not to work during the Notice Period. The employee’s Termination Date will be the last day of the Notice Period. 

Separation Benefits

Full-time and part-time staff employees whose jobs are eliminated may be eligible for Separation Benefits. Less-than half-time employees, temporary employees, term employees, seasonal employees and casual employees will not be eligible for Separation Benefits.  Separation Benefits start on the day after the employee’s Termination Date.

Separation Benefits will consist of the following:

Salary Continuation:  The employee’s base salary will be continued for a period equal to two weeks for each completed year of service, pro-rata for any partial years of service, with a maximum of 52 weeks. If the employee obtains another position at Bentley during the salary continuation period, the payments will terminate.  If the employee has already received salary continuation payments for any period of reemployment with Bentley, then the employee will be required to refund any excess severance to Bentley. For part-time employees, salary continuation payments will be based on the employee’s regular schedule.  Salary continuation payments will be made on the university’s regular pay days. No salary increases will be given during salary continuation.

Medical and Dental Coverage: Employees may continue medical and dental coverage under COBRA. The employee’s COBRA period will start on the first day of the month following the employee’s termination date. If the employee elects COBRA, Bentley will continue to contribute to the employee’s medical and dental insurance on the same basis as if the employee continued to be employed during the period of salary continuation. The Employee will be billed for their share of the premium by Crosby Benefits. Crosby Benefits will send the employee information about how to pay the employee’s share of premiums, including payment deadlines and details about what will happen in the event of non-payment. Once salary continuation ends OR the employee gets a new job with comparable medical and dental insurance, the employee will be required to pay the full COBRA premium if he or she is still eligible for and elects to stay on COBRA.  In that case, employees must pay Crosby Benefits directly.

Other Benefits: All other benefits will cease as of the employee’s termination date.

Vacation Payout: The employee will be paid for any unused, accrued vacation on his/her Termination Date.

Outplacement: The employee will be offered outplacement services to assist him or her in transitioning to new employment.

Unemployment: The employee can apply for unemployment benefits.  However, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, not Bentley, will determine the employee’s eligibility for benefits.

Separation Benefits will be conditioned on the employee signing a release of claims.

Date last revised: February 3, 2017