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Outside Employment

Bentley does not limit an employee's activities during non-working hours unless those activities interfere or conflict with the employee's ability to fully and effectively perform his/her job responsibilities, whether directly or indirectly.  All employees will be judged by the same performance standards and will be subject to scheduling demands, regardless of any existing outside work requirements.

Outside employment for a competitor or work that constitutes a conflict of interest is prohibited. If an employee accepts outside employment, he/she should notify his/her manager or Human Resources to ensure that his/her position does not pose a conflict of interest.  Employees may not receive any income or material gain from individuals outside Bentley University for materials produced or services rendered while performing their job with the University.

If it is determined that an employee’s outside work interferes with performance or the ability to meet the requirements of his/her position, he/she may be asked to terminate the outside employment if he/she wishes to remain with the University.  The holding of a second job does not eliminate the employee’s obligation to work overtime when necessary.


Date last revised:  April 15, 2015