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Human Resources

Personal Time

Personal Time Accruals

Bentley provides full-time, non-union staff employees with personal time to attend to matters they may want to handle without using vacation.  While personal time can be used for any reason, employees must schedule personal time in advance with their supervisors. Personal time must be used before June 30th each year; unused personal time cannot be carried over to the following fiscal year.

Personal time will be granted as follows:

Public Safety Personal Time
Union members are eligible for personal days as described in the Personal Day policy on the HR website. In addition, employees will also receive an additional two personal days, to be awarded on the same schedule set forth below.

Facilities Personal Time
Full-time employees receive three personal days per fiscal year (July 1– June 30). Personal days may be taken at any time during that period and may not be carried over to the next fiscal year. Newly hired full-time employees are eligible to receive up to three paid personal days, depending upon their date of hire, after successful completion of the probationary period. New hires will receive three personal days if hired between July 1 and December 31, and two personal days if hired between January 1 and March 25. If an employee is hired between March 26 and June 30, they will be eligible for no days for that fiscal year. Eligibility will commence as described above for the next fiscal year once the probationary period is completed.

2022/2023 Academic Year

           If you are hired in the 2022/2023 Academic Year and your hire date is… 
Work ScheduleAvailable July 1st  Before December 31stBetween January and AprilIn March or AprilIn May or June 
10 and 12-month, 35 hrs/week21 21147 0
10 and 12-month, 40 hrs/week24 24168 0
9-month employee, 35 hrs/week11 11115
9-month employee, 40 hrs/week12 12126

2023/2024 Academic Year

           If you are hired in the 2023/2024 Academic Year and your hire date is… 
Work ScheduleAvailable July 1st  Before December 31stIn January or FebruaryIn March or AprilIn May or June
10 and 12-month, 35 hrs/week21 211470
10 and 12-month, 40 hrs/week24 241680
9-month employee, 35 hrs/week11 111150
9-month employee, 40 hrs/week12 121260

* Part-time, less-than-half-time, temporary, casual, and seasonal employees are not eligible for personal days.

* For Bargaining Unit employees, the time off provisions in the union contracts apply.

Non-exempt employees can use personal time in quarter-hour increments.  Exempt staff who are absent for 4 or more hours in a workday, but less than a whole day, must record 4 hours.  Exempt employees who take off less than four hours are expected to make up their work in a timely manner.

Summer Schedule

Monday to Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with a 45-minute lunch break. 

Following commencement, Bentley will adopt its summer schedule for most employees.  The four-day compressed workweek will begin the week of May 22, 2023 and continue through Friday, August 11, 2023. The summer schedule may vary depending on individual departmental needs. The compressed workweek is meant to be flexible so there could be different schedules for departments that need to provide coverage and services on Fridays during the summer. 

Termination of Employment

Employees will not be paid for unused personal time when their employment with Bentley terminates.  An employee’s last day of employment must be the last day actually worked and cannot be a vacation day or a personal day.  


Date last revised:  February 2024