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Human Resources

Small Necessities Leave

The Massachusetts Small Necessities Leave Act (SNLA) provides eligible employees with twenty-four (24) hours of unpaid time off during any twelve (12) month period to:

Participate in school activities directly related to the educational advancement of the employee’s son or daughter, such as parent-teacher conferences or interviewing for a new school;
Accompany the employee’s son or daughter to routine medical or dental appointments such as checkups or vaccinations; or
 Accompany an elderly relative to routine medical or dental appointments or appointments for other professional services related to the elder’s care, such as interviewing at nursing or group homes. 

The term “elderly relative” is defined as an individual at least sixty (60) years of age who is related by birth, adoption or marriage to the employee or who is the employee’s domestic partner. The term “school” is defined as a public or private elementary or secondary institution, a Head Start Program under the Head Start Act, or a state-licensed children’s daycare facility. Thus, an unlicensed daycare arrangement would not qualify. Likewise, accompanying an older child to visit colleges would not be covered.

Non-exempt employees must use accrued vacation time or personal days to be paid for this time off. Exempt employees must use accrued vacation time or personal days if the absence is more than 4 hours on the day of the absence.  Employees will be granted the time off as unpaid time if both vacation and personal time banks are exhausted.

As with all scheduled absences, employees are expected to give reasonable notice whenever possible. Documentation may be required. Managers should monitor the maximum use of 24 hours per year.


Date last revised:  April 15, 2015