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GEM (Go the Extra Mile!) Award Program

The GEM Award Program allows staff and faculty to acknowledge a staff member’s excellent performance while recognizing and reinforcing Bentley’s Core Values. By giving someone a “GEM Award,” you are letting them know you appreciate their work and are grateful they are part of our Bentley community.

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All full- and part-time staff who have been employed by Bentley for a minimum of 3 months are eligible to receive a reward under this program. Both staff and faculty can give a GEM Award to a staff member.

How it works

You can give someone a GEM award by filling out this form. You will need to write the reason you are giving them an award and how that reason reflects Bentley’s core values.  

Examples of reasons to give a GEM award:

  • Someone who helps bring differing opinions together during a meeting could represent the core value of “Collaboration.” 
  • Someone who helped you with a large work assignment could represent the core value of “Impact.”
  • Someone who took the time to listen and offer input on an issue or challenge you faced could represent the core value of “Caring.”

Once the GEM Award form is filled out:

  • The recipient receives an email letting them know they have received the award, who it is from and the reason provided.* 
  • They are also entered into a quarterly raffle to win $100 additional funds in their paycheck. There will be five raffle winners each quarter and those winners will be notified by email.**  
  • Recipients will be periodically featured in the Bentley Buzz Faculty & Staff newsletter

* GEM Award notifications are processed within 1-2 business days
* Under Internal Revenue Service regulations, the $100 added to paychecks for raffle winners are considered taxable income and will be processed accordingly.
*Gem Award recipients will be entered into the raffle once per quarter and can win the raffle once per calendar year.

Additional Resources

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